Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Information needed please

Hi All

Just a quickie no card but Lin has said she is having trouble with my blog when she looks at it and tries to post and seems to think I have some Malware in the form of a pop up on it.  Are any more of you having trouble with my blog.  I have run a scan and all seems ok my end but if anyone else is having trouble with get my little man in to check the computer out completely.

Love Alison xxx


  1. hiya hun, i get a malware warning on quite a few blogs but my security blocks it and just flashes a pop up at me to tell me.Your blog pops up and it is telling me it is your counter that is the problem.
    back in a mo.xx

  2. well been on your blog another 2 times and nothing popped up.but when it does it says its your `counter`.This is the same with all the blogs that flash up a warning.if you hover your mouse where it says counter in your left hand side border it says something about a sporting website.I don`t know if you can remove it and see if that helps.
    hugs coops

  3. Hi Alison...Yes, I get a warning pop up too, and like Copps it says it's your counter.. my secutity just warns me,but nothing else happenes..

    luv CHRISSYxx

  4. I don't get any warning Alison so I'm assuming you have sorted the problem.

  5. no warning now alison so seems like the counter was the problem and now its gone it should be ok, happy days :D

    xx coops xx

  6. it seems fine Alison, nothing coming up
    Kevin xx

  7. No problems for me Alison, hope you are ok now.
    Wendy x


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