Saturday, 26 October 2013

OMG what an awful day

Hello peeps

What an awful day yesterday and today has been, ordered a new phone for Alan online from Carphone Warehouse on Thursday and it came with a free Samsung 2 7.0 tablet but no SIM card, for the phone so rang them up and they said I could get one from their branch at Marsh Mills in Plymouth so travelled the 10 miles to branch queued 20 minutes got to counter and was told they had none in stock and that I would get one in their branch in New George Street which is in Plymouth Town Centre so off I went again a further 5 miles parked the car walked up to the branch, bearing in mind that to walk any distance is quite painful and I use crutches got to the branch queued again for a further 10 minutes only to be told (guess.......) they had none in stock and I would have to go to their branch in the Mall, could feel my blood beginning to boil at this point.

So off I went again got to the Mall, you guessed it queued again but this time they had one in stock, the staff in their were falling over themselves to help me, got me a chair to sit on, offered me a drink and sorted everything out including keeping Alan's old number.

I was shattered when I got home fell asleep in my chair around 7pm and woke up when Alan shook me to say come to bed.

This morning was getting tidied up before getting ready to go over to Rachel's for a crafty afternoon stretched up to put a skirt in the wardrobe and my back gave way so now I can hardly walk or move without shooting pains in my back and down my left leg so no crafting with Rachel today.  Boo hoo.

I do have a couple of cards to show you but may have trouble getting them onto my blog as my memory card has broken and I can't get the pictures off it. So am trying something different.  my neighbour has asked me to make a couple of plain cards for posting so I came up with these yesterday before I went on my mega trip.  Hope you like them.

Well that's it for me for today, have been doing a lot of blog hopping today but will keep checking your brilliant work over the next few hours until bedtime.

Loads of love
Alison xx


  1. Oh! do go through the wars dont you...take care, and hope the back sorts itself out with rest....two fabulous snowman CAS card.fantastic colouring..and such a gorgeous image and design on the second..beautiful.

    Luv CHRISSYxx

  2. What a nightmare Alison, why didn't the branches phone ahead and get one laid aside? Hope your back improves after a good sleep. Love the cards by the way, Jx

  3. Oh gosh Alison,it never rains but pours, I do hope your back will be ok...Love your

  4. Amazing single layer cards Ali! Hope your back eases soon - will probably put mine out putting together my new crafting cupboard when it arrives!

    Take care,
    Love Rachx

  5. Oh dear Alison, sorry to hear that you have such a bad day. I hope your back is better soon.
    Your cards are gorgeous, I love your designs.
    Take care
    hugs Sue

  6. Both cards are beautiful Alison, sorry to hear you had such a bad day
    Kevin xx

  7. Sounded like you had a s....t of a day honey. Over here one store will phone the other to see if they have the stock and hold it for you....pity you didn't get them to do that, would have saved a lot of trauma.

    both cards are just gorgeous and you did a fab job on them...take care and

  8. OMG what an awful day for you. I hope that you are recovered now...hugs. These two cards are both gorgeous :o)
    Jackie xx

  9. Two gorgeous cards Alison, I love the CAS design of the first one and fabulous image on the second one.
    I do hope you are soon feeling better.

  10. love both the gorgeous cards but the second one is my favourite-do hope your feeling better
    carol x


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