Tuesday, 29 October 2013


Afternoon all

Just a quick update my pain is under control with the drugs, still waiting for my MRI scan so until we get the results no real news, thank god I can still communicate with the outside world, what did we do before mobile phones and iPads lol.

Well am off to do a bit more blog hopping hopefully I can give you all the results soon.  I just want to go home.

Well bye for now

Love Ali xx


  1. Hope all's good having pain, must have been all that walking you did the other day... sit and relax and make an awesome

  2. good to hear your pain is under control -just enjoy the rest
    carol x

  3. I hope you have your MRI scan soon and don't have to wait too long for the results.
    Take care
    hugs Sue xx

  4. Hi Alison, sorry to hear you're in hospital. Hope you get sorted out and home quickly. I know what you mean about modern technology! There are only certain wards in our local hospital where you can get a signal and it makes all the difference being able to communicate. Maddy x

  5. wishing a speedy recovery Alison and I hope you are home soon xx

  6. Hiya Alison, I'm so sorry you've had so much pain, are they going to give you enough pain relief for when you're back home.. I do hope you have had your MRI, after the results are they going to keep you in over night?

  7. oh Alison not good, sending hugs! Karenxxxx

  8. aw i hope you can go home soon alison.hugs.

    xx coops xx


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