Friday, 18 October 2013

What a load of old poo

Evening all

Well I managed to get home from the craft fair before the rain started but the car will have to wait to be emptied otherwise everything will get wet.

Well what a load of old poo the craft fair was not worth the time or effort; I made wait for it .......... (drum roll) a grand total of £5.00, it took 45 minutes to set up and then another 45 minutes to pack the car back up so disappointed. The table cost 5.00 so I sold £10.00 worth of stock and that was from people that also had tables, I sold one bag, 3 cards and a large container candle.  We had 3 people come in from the school and they stayed for a cuppa and a bit of cake and then left did not buy a thing, it was well advertised as all the children took home flyers and considering it was in aid of rainbows (under 5's) disgusting turn out.

I took a photo of my table all ready to go

I made a Christmas card last night using an old La Pashe decoupage that I had hanging around I reduced the size of it so that it would fit onto my card, used a couple of gems and paper from stash hope you like it.   oops just noticed that the gems have slipped took the photo before they had dried. lol.

Well am off to do a bit of blog hopping now and guess what I ordered today the bebunni CD from Crafters Companion so naughty of me as I am supposed to be on a craft diet but I needed to cheer myself up after a god awful afternoon with screaming kids (belonging to mums running a table) so glad mine are gown up. 

Loads of love to all
Alison xx


  1. Sorry to hear your craft fair was no good, i have never tried one.

    I'm loving your Santa and layout, Luv Sam x

  2. I think it is the same everywhere...people are just not spending money. I knew you would buy Bebunni. You will not be dissapointed. Love your gorgeous

  3. That is horrible Alison!! all your work and effort for a pittance. Shame on the parents for not supporting the cause. Chin up hon, your cards and creations are fabulous. It's their loss.
    Suzi x

  4. How disappointing for you Alison, with all that hard work you have put in.

  5. what a shame Alison...your table looked great. doing an event in a few weeks and not that optomistic.

  6. Oh Alison, that must have been so disheartening for you after you had much such a good effort. Your table looks fabulous. Hope you have better luck next time. Wanted to drop by and say thank you so much for the lovely comments you leave on my blog - they are much appreciated! Maddy x

  7. I'm sorry your craft fair was disappointing Alison, your table looked lovely - I gave up doing craft fairs this year, they seem to be a bit of a waste of time lately.
    I still can't get onto your blog from my email account like I used to - it says Profile Not Available, it's only since your new blog design - I don't know if there is anything that has changed under the Privacy settings.

  8. What a shame Alison always dissapointing when that happens but hey your table looked awesome and your card is gorgeous and at least you gave your support! hugs, Karenxx

  9. Your table looked fabulous Alison, sorry to hear that it was disappointing for you especially after all your hard work.
    Your card is fabulous, I love the fun image and great layout.
    Take care
    hugs Sue xx

  10. Oh Alison how disappointing for you, your table looks fabulous and so much work put into it.
    Fabulous Santa card.
    Wendy xx

  11. That was a poor show Alison, but your table looked fabulous! great santa card too!
    Kevin xx

  12. Your table looked so inviting too with what I can see, wonderful goodies. Shame people just don't want to buy the 'good' hand made things, it's the same here, yu have to basically give it away to 'sell' interesting how the nursing home goes with my cards at their craft fair next month. Cards are only going for $3. Cheep cheep cheap.!! xx

  13. Oh Alison, I can't believe how badly you did! So dis-heartening but hey it's not you and your cards! What a beautiful sales table and you know your cards are lovely. Wrong venue I'd say, and shocking that parents don't support their children's groups fund raising! It happens all over though as some people think clubs don't need money to run. Keep up your lovely work and pick a different group to sell at next time. Have a good weekend. Merlot and I r just messin about just now ! Jx

  14. oh what an awful shame - your stall looked so fab too- love your santa card xx

  15. Sorry to hear it didn't go too well, I know how disapointing it is as I had exactly the same thing happen to me. Hugs! xx

  16. stunning card alison.brilliant fun image.Sorry about your poor sales, i have given up with craft fairs, they are soul destroying aren`t they after all the hard work you went to.


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