Saturday, 23 November 2013

I bet you're all agog to know how my craft fair went

Morning all

My craft fair was a big flop made a loss of £6.50, table was £10.00 sold a candle at 2.50 and a scented drawer sachet for 50p and a door hanger which was reduced to 50p as I had them last year on offer for £1.00 but they didn't sell.

Alan and I were chatting on our way home and he said I was aiming at the wrong market level that I needed to up my game and not do the school craft fairs but to up my game and go to actual craft fairs that the councils etc put on so I have found a site and put my name down cost £25.00 a year but they tell you where the action is and let people know about you through their site.  So am waiting to hear now, but I have decided that although I love making cards I need to branch out into other papercrafts so am going to have a rethink and a brainstorm session with my crafty buddy Rachel.

I will still be making cards as there is no way I could give that up I love it too much but want to introduce things like note pads, writing sets, things like that so if anyone out their has any ideas everything would be welcome (clean of course).

I am going to try and personalise some candles by putting images of loved one's on them see how they go, starting with my granddaughter and her boyfriend.  These would make perfect anniversary presents, Christening presents, Wedding presents wow the list is endless.

I do have a card to show you but Sarah went to a masquerade ball last night and took the camera with her so cannot take any pictures until she comes home, so will finish my blog tonight.

Bye for now

Love Alison xx


  1. fridge magnets, door hangers, calendars, decorate photo frames, key rings, phone charms etc xx

  2. I wouldn't be to hard on yourself it is dog eat dog world out there,I have a local shop that takes my cards now and I do take commissions from there has taken a while but I now have a steady flow of sales.I find craft fairs to much like hard work. I couldn't sell my card for £1 or £1.50 at a fair but now I can get an average of £4 for my cards and I don't have to go out to sell

  3. Hard yacka out there to sell wonderful crafts, so don't be too hard on yourself and people don't want to pay what the card is worth to us as crafters to make them....the nursing home sold 80% of my donated cards for around $3AUD so not sure what that is in your

  4. It's hard work I know. The best craft fair round here is one run by a local church. A proper craft fair. People do love variation - I always sold cards that were different so more shaped, wobblers and kinetic cards rather than normal style. Candles went well too. I found also that I had to present my table so it was different to the rest. I covered table with a piece of purple velvet under which I placed different height boxes so I could have steps with stuff on at different levels. Sorry if you already do this, just thought I'd say. It's hard to know what to do as I find it can vary even at the same fair. I went 2 yrs with my friend and we both did well, I didn't do it this year, but my friend did and she only sold 2 things. It hadn't been advertised and lack of people coming through door was so obvious compared to before. Hope you get some joy, lovely. Take care Zo xx

  5. I agree with Alan - wrong market, nothing wrong with your cards, just the audience didn't want to buy. Lots of good information from Zo above - she seems to know her stuff. All my cards go to family and friends and there is a box that sits permanently at my hubby's work. People just buy what they need and pop money in a purse in said box. Don't sell millions, but I set rid of the surplus which does me. Jx

  6. Sorry to hear that the craft fair was not successful for you Alison. It sound like you have lots of good ideas from the comments above.
    Take care,
    hugs Sue xx

  7. People just don't want to pay for class stuff but don't give up.

  8. People don't appreciate how much time goes into handmade stuff. I am not doing out school fair this year. But have found cards don't sell but the children and teachers like the novelty items. Saying that when it's a school fair I feel guilty charging too much so only usually make a little bit on top of layout. Don't give up, a local post office are now selling my cards. Not a great amount of profit but alls goes back into craft kitty x

  9. It is such a hit and miss market for cards and things Alison..I have not the time to go anymore as I work 7 days...but we did have a brilliant craft market a long time ago..dont give up though, and with Christmas coming you never know..all the best.

    luv CHRISSYxx

  10. Dont be down hearted Alison, I think you are right to aim a bit higher, at these school fairs I think they just go along to support the school and have a cuppa and a bit of cake, but if you go to organised fairs people that attend are looking to buy crafty cards and gifts, You should make more of your soaps and candles as well because the more different things you have to sell the better.
    Kevin xx

  11. Hi Alison, sorry to hear the craft fair didn't do well. I've always avoided them just for that reason! The few real life people who see my cards always say I should sell them -but when you can get a card in a shop for 50p I wonder whats the point!

    You've had some great suggestions from every one else and I agree with Kevin above - make more of your soaps and candles. I go to a twice yearly crafts fair in a local town and the soap / candle / fudge ladies always seem to be busy. I've even brought some myself!!

    Hope the rest of your weekend is good,

    PS - Hope your Sarah had a good time at her ball - sounds exciting!!

  12. Non-crafters don't realise how much time and love goes into making each of our creations, so don't be down hearted if they didn't buy your lovely things. Rachael x

  13. I was at a craft fayre today, the cost of the table was £10.00 I came away with 50p profit. It can vary so much on so many things. I have one more booked then that is it for me. I shall continue to just give mine away to the Salvation Army. Caz

  14. I hope you do better next time Alison. I gave up doing craft fairs after losing out 3 times, I will never do another one! As far as I am concerned, it take far too much effort for very little return...hugs
    Jackie xx

  15. Hi Alison, sorry your craft fair was a bit of a flop. I found that village fairs are the best around here, the whole village seems to turn out and they only last a couple of hours. I sell mainly cards but also, MDF bits and bobs, candles and pictures and usually make about £75 profit.
    I'm sure you will have better luck next time.


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