Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Evening Everybody

Hi All

I have finally finished catching up with everyone, I did start last night but I actually fell asleep whilst blogging at the computer, my Fibromyalgia flared yesterday so lots of muscle pain and tiredness.  I have been running backwards and forwards to the vets most of last week and this week with Bella as she has been very poorly with upset stomach both ends.    Samples of blood and other yucky stuff have gone to the lab and we are now just waiting the results, she is on medication and seems slightly better tonight so fingers crossed.

To top things off my dishwasher has decided it does not want to play anymore, hopefully its something like the heating element which can be fixed, thank god I am married to an electrician, otherwise the cost just before Christmas does not bear thinking about.

I have been busy making candles and some other projects which I will share with you over the next few days as I finish them, and of course sorting out my DT cards/projects so that they will be ready on time so not ignoring you all.

Am off to make my Horlicks and taking my kindle to bed with me want to finish the story I am reading as I have just bought a book by my favourite Author which is Nora Roberts writing as J.D. Robb the In Death Series which I love I have all of these books in hardback and they are well loved and read.

Will sign off and say good night until tomorrow when I will post my first finished project that I have going.

Love to All Alison

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  1. Sending you all my best wishes and hoping your flare up eases soon lovely, its not nice to be in pain :-( Hope Bella gets well soon too! Thank you for sharing your sewing story with me-well done on getting your curtains done! :-) Best wishes, Elaine-xxx-


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