Sunday, 5 January 2014

Morning all

It is very early or very late depends on how you look at it really, it is 01.36 am and I am not in the little bit ready for bed, have been like this for the past week, just not able to sleep no matter how tired I am.

I have had a lovely crafty afternoon over at Rachel's managed to make a card  whilst chatting and drinking tea and having a good old catch up, really enjoyed it, can't show you the card as it is part of my DT work which I sorely needed to catch up on.  But don't worry I do have something to show you.

As most of you know I not only make cards but I make soap and candles as well, and as I am starting a new venture with an online shop to sell my goodies thought I better upgrade my packaging on soap from this
old packaging

To this 

It took me nearly two days to sort this box out, no glue is involved its all cutting and folding which was created on the Silhouette Cameo and took me two days to get it exactly as I wanted it, as you can see already has soap inside and the smell is gorgeous.  Only have to make the rest of the soap to go inside these little boxes the next weight is no less than 75g and I will be selling them at around £3.00 a box plus postage what do you reckon was previously selling them for £2.50 but I can only get one box out of one A4 Sheet and it will not fit to make two with a 12 x 12 so the card for the boxes is going to be rather expensive.

Well that's about it from me for now am off to do a little blog hopping before I go to bed.

Love to all

Alison xx


  1. WOW these will be awesome...good luck in your new venture you one talented lady....don't know where you find the time...making soap too, gosh I am so impressed....let me know how you

  2. Beautiful boxes for your soap Alison, but I must confess I like the original one's as well :o)
    Jackie xx

  3. Fabulous boxes and good luck with your online shop Ginny♥

  4. Grr, my iPad just froze on my last comment, sorry for its abrupt end! Your soap looks lovely in its new box, hope it sells well for you. Now back to the card below, and the flowers and specifically the curly wurly

  5. It locked again! Is the beady thing I'm describing from WOC and what's it called, I looked for them but couldn't find, I think I need some!!! Jx

  6. Your box design looks fabulous Alison, very professional!
    hugs Sue xx

  7. the design is fabulous because you can still see the soap
    Kevin xx

  8. Beautiful boxes but I loved the original ones too good luck with the sales and your website
    Carol x


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