Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Afternoon Everybody - Very Dangerous Drive Home

Dear all

Well Monday finally got into to see the doctor after trying for nearly two weeks, he changed some of medications and added more to the ever growing list that I have to take.  The new painkillers that he gave me have given me have been the bain of my life since Monday, took the first one Monday evening at bedtime and then spent all night with restless legs I could not stop my legs twitching and I was so tired yesterday.

Tuesday I drove to Stentwood, Dunkeswell in the heart of the Black Down Hills for a refresher course in soap making and also new tricks of the trade so as I had no sleep the previous night I was shattered and the course was full on 10 - 4 on the drive home I was so tired I nearly fell asleep at the wheel a couple of times, ended up in a lay by for an hour resting up before continuing home, thank goodness Alan had dinner ready and I fell into bed decided not to take my new tablets and slept like a baby until 9.30 this morning.

Here is the soap that I made, the fragrance oil in this soap is called Fig and Brown Sugar and boy does it smell gorgeous,
 the inside of the soap is coloured very pale pink and the outside of course is cream with swirls and heather on the top this soap is gorgeous and I know its going to be a good seller.

I also made a Extra bubbly Sugar Scrub in lime and used that today in the shower on my feet which are very sore and my face as an exfoliate and boy did it smell good and my feet are lovely and smooth and feel wonderful.

Update on the Bank Situation

It took until this morning for the bank to pay us the money back that should not have been taken out, I have cancelled my bank card and am now waiting for my new one to arrive so this should not happen again, and boy have I learnt a lesson on this.  We are now looking around at different banks and are going to move our account once we have done some research as I am not happy with the level of service from Lloyds.  Thank you all for your fantastic support over this and your wonderful messages.

I am off to do some DT work just now and Sarah needs to do some more work on her application form so I will be back a bit later to do some blog hopping and looking at all your wonderful creations.

Bye for now

Alison xx   


  1. My goodness Alison, you do have a busy life. Thank goodness you stopped for a break when you were driving home... could have been nasty. Your soaps and scrubs sound wonderful... as you describe them I can almost smell them. Proud of you to have sorted out the bank, you could really do without all that hassle.

  2. I agree your soaps and scrubs sound fabulous,the fig and brown sugar sounds gorgeous -take care - driving with no sleep even sounds dangerous!
    carol x

  3. Your soap looks fab Alison, almost like a piece of cake..yummy.xx

  4. restless legs is awful, no wonder you were soo tired, good job you pulled over! The soap sounds scrumptious!


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