Thursday, 17 April 2014

A New Day

Thank goodness this week is nearly over I have been late blogging all my DT posts this week, obviously too much sun just not used to it.

My poor old feet are still very swollen my GP does not seem to be interested though examined them and said don't want to give you water tablets do more exercise and don't sit down too much, when does anyone have the time to sit down lol

picture of my poor old feet 

Close up of left foot 

We are going to a rather posh wedding at the beginning of May how am I going to get shoes to fit?

I have made another bespoke candle of both my granddaughter's as Nicole and Dean have split up so don't want to upset Nicole by showcasing that one as a sample at craft fairs etc, I love this picture although it is quite an old one now as this was taken when Nicole was 18 she is now 23, where do the years go.

and to top it all off here is a photo of Toby on Sarah's bed this morning he looks so cute but in reality he is a little monster, but we do love him 

We did a mock run of my craft fair last night to see how and where things will go on the table must say it looks rather nice will take photo's on the day but on Friday night we are off to Jessica's 18th party bash and have to be on the road by 5.30am on Saturday as it is a two hour drive and the fair starts at 9am.  Thank goodness for Sarah as we are going in her car must remember to update the sat nav otherwise we will get lost lol.  

Am off to do some blog hopping just now so will catch you all soon.


Alison xxx


  1. Candle is beautiful and such a cute cat. I am sorry to hear about your feet and hope they will soon be better. Sending you a hug Ginny x

  2. What a gorgeous candle,love it...Hoe you sort out your swollen

  3. (((((((Alison)))))))) I can sympathise with ya darl... my feet often do that too... it's caused by some of my medication... I find elevating them as often as possible helps... I know it's so uncomfortable.. hope the swelling goes down soon
    Love the candle... its so pretty :)

    love n hugz Angie xXx

  4. Gorgeous candle. Let's hope the feet are better for the wedding.
    Toby looks cutie!

  5. Love the candle, & congratulations for Sarah, I've just caught up on your blog and it's fab news for her. Interesting that your GP said not to sit down too much with the feet, Geoff is always told to put his feet up as high as possible to help the fluid drain away?

    Hope the craft fair goes really well, I'm sure it will as all your cards, candles and soaps are absolutely amazing.

    Hope we can catch up soon

    Lots of love, Rach x

  6. my Dr gave me some water tablets recently but did.t really help and doesn't seem to matter if I am on my feet or sat they swell just the same-love the candle and saw it on FB-good luck with the craft fair
    carol x

  7. Hi Alison. sorry about your poor feet..
    love those beautiful candles.

  8. Such a gorgeous candle Alison.
    Your feet look rather painful, I hope the swelling reduces soon,
    Good luck with your craft fair.

  9. Hi Alison...Can not thank you enough for my wonderful parcel that came today :) the candle, soap and bathbombs smell gorgeous and all those pens are fabulous can't stop smiling you really did make my day!
    Sorry to see your feet so swollen do hope they go down soon and you find some shoes you like for the Wedding in May.
    Beautiful candle.
    Hugs Wendy xx

  10. Oh gosh you poor darling. Elevate your legs as much as possible, that helps. Take care.xxxx


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