Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Done it again

I have been very naughty nearly set the house on fire again, left my candle wax on the cooker went to answer the phone forgot all about the wax next thing smoke alarm is going off (thank god they work) luckily it was just thick acrid smoke but no fire this time.  Just don't know where my brain is half the time, I'm dangerous to be let out honestly.

On a good note just completed an order worth £32.50 so a bit of money made this week, my web page is starting to pay it's way thank goodness.

I am at my coffee morning today and this afternoon am going to finish Sarah's wrap that she asked me to make to go with her dress for a big family wedding that we are attending at the beginning of May, poor old Bella will be going into kennels and Toby in the cattery, so no cards or candle making for me for a couple of days need to get my sewing done.  Also have started knitting a baby blanket bought the wool at the Exeter Craft Show couple of years ago now so thought I would use that up, I recently made a scarf in black and silver wool.

I am waiting for a stamp to turn up so I can make a card that my sister-in-law has requested as it's her son that is getting married.

Don't have any crafty pictures to show you today but this is Toby up a tree at the back of the bungalow he is growing up so fast want him to stay a kitten ahhh well.

will be back again after my coffee morning to check out your lovely blogs.

Until then

Love Alison xx


  1. congrats on your order -I am the same with pans put them on then do something else and completely forget !!!love the photos and beautiful cat-my kitten is 10 months now and has recently started going out and is like a big kid hates coming in and jumps at any thing flying-flies/butterflies/bees only caught and ate one the other day -he will learn-my 2yr cat Millie just sits awatching him can just imagine her thinking-Kids lol
    Carol x

  2. OMG what are you like with trying to burn the house down, mind you i'm a bit Dopey sometimes and i easily forget, especially when the phone goes.

    Sounds like things are starting to take off for you now, Luv Sam x

  3. Alison, I am so sorry, I'm missing everything on your blog these days as I can't seem to link to your new one! Please take care at your cooker, that's a couple of near misses now! Just scrolled down & I've missed loads of posts, love your family photo's and your craft fair table - most impressive. Obviously I love the photo's above - Toby is a big lad now isn't he. Lovely to see them out and about being proper cats - I not one for them not being allowed out. Chat soon & happy crafting, Jx

  4. Oh, please be careful Alison, thank goodness your smoke alarm is working!
    It sounds like you really busy at the moment, your seem to be able to turn your hand to so many different crafts.
    Thank you for sharing your photos of Toby, I LOVE ginger cats and he sure is a handsome chap!
    hugs Sue xx

  5. Yeah, I managed tonight - I am now your latest follower - again!!! Jx

  6. Alison please take care, I'm loving Toby up the tree.

  7. Alison please take care, I'm loving Toby up the tree.

  8. I too can be a little forgetful with the stove top. Now I ALWAYS set a kitchen timer to remind me I have something on the stove. Even if I'm just boiling peas...just as a reminder. Stay safe.


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