Monday, 28 April 2014

Monday Morning

Hello bloggers, hope you all had a good weekend mine was very restful, fell asleep yesterday afternoon about 2pm and didn't wake up until around 6pm, I then helped prepare and cook dinner and after that came into my little craft space to do some blogging to catch up with everyone.

During the morning I had a go at making some extra bubbly sugar scrub which I make up on a regular basis as I use it on my feet and once a month have an all over body scrub with it as it certainly livens the skin up.  I use lime essential oil in mine but you can use almost any essential oils.

I am going to have my bath bombs, body scrub and moisturising cream safety assessed and will then be able to sell them along with my soaps etc.  I know how to make all these but make them for family at the moment as not allowed to sell until this assessment is done.  Normally I would use a mixture of white and unbleached granulated sugar but didn't have any unbleached left so just used the white.

Nothing much is happening today, trying to finish knitting my baby blanket and finish a couple of DT cards that need to be completed and that's about it in the craft department today apart from tonight when I go to the craft club across the road again really enjoyed it last week.  I also need to try and get a GP appointment for sometime through the week as I only want to see my own GP this can sometimes take weeks.  

Have a great day and I will catch up with all your lovely blogs once my housework is completed.  

Love to all

Alison xx


  1. Hi Alison, thanks for dropping in always....I am eager to use that lovely soap so have been keeping my eye on the date lol...good to hear you have rested and keep it that way hey.....take care my

  2. This looks amazing Alison! I must check out the recipe!
    I'm sure you will pass the test with flying colours!
    Dawn xx

  3. looks fabulous Alison, bet it smells gorgeous. hope you enjoyed your craft night.

  4. the scrub sounds gorgeous and good luck with the safety tests
    carol x


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