Monday, 21 April 2014

Off Out Shopping

Today's post is picture poor I'm afraid.  Very tired think everything has caught up with me so couple of restful days are in order.  Alan went and did the fresh food run today whilst I had a bit of a tidy and made some Banana Soap it smells yummy.  I then did a bit of blogging and Sarah and Alan unloaded the car brought everything in and put it all away.

I have an order for two large pillar candles and two container candles and three cards, so I already have two containers and 1 pillar so one more of them to make and have started on one of the cards, so should have them all done by Wednesday me hopes.

I am off to get in the shower just now lazy devil still undressed and then we are going to Endsleigh Garden Centre as I found a pair of sandals and bought one pair in a slightly bigger size to go with my swollen feet and am going to buy a pair in the smaller size for when my feet are back to normal again.

This afternoon well the chair is beckoning me so guess I will be putting my feet up and having a good read.

Well that's it for me today will post the cards I am making tomorrow and then I will be getting on with some DT work

Bye for now

Love Alison xx


  1. Hi Alison, it sounds like you've earned that rest in the chair, you have been busy! It was great to read about your day., and thank you for all the comments you leave on my blog. You are lovely. Maddy x

  2. Does sound like the last few days have caught up with you and a couple of restful days sound perfect
    carol x


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