Friday, 9 May 2014


Sorry not been around this week but the wedding and then the Fair in the Square just knocked me for six and I have not been able to do very much at all this week.  I did quite well at the fair taking around £100.00 in cash and a couple of orders for special candles with images on so in total around £130.00 in all.

Craft table part 1 - left hand side

Craft Table part 2 - middle

Craft table part 3 right hand side 

I was unable to take my A frame ladder to put the candles on as there was not enough room but it worked out quite well.  The earrings on the table are Sarah's friends and I said I would have a go at selling them, sold around 4 pairs for her on the day which is quite good.

I have not done any crafting this week at all as I just could not muster the energy for anything but did do a bit more knitting whilst sitting in the chair, have done another baby blanket this time in blue and white, am going to start making some bags next week but need my big table out to lay the material and pattern on for cutting and need help with that.  Tomorrow I am off to an auction where they are selling buttons, material, lace etc etc so am looking forward to that but it means I will be missing my crafty session with Rachel again and next weekend I have another craft fair to attend, which hopefully will be another big seller.

I am off to catch up a little bit but will not be able to go back to last week so will start with today's blogs.

Love to all



  1. Well done your tables look wonderful Ginny x

  2. Glad the sale went well for you - gives you some spends for this weeks outing! Jx

  3. I'm not surprised you've been out of action, you were so very busy last week!! Glad the craft fair went well and your table looks wonderful. Have a good time at the auction tomorrow xx

  4. Glad to hear the craft fair went well and i'm not surprised you are tired, i would be too, after the wedding and craft fair, have a good week, luv Sam x

  5. I am pleased that the craft fair went well for you Alison, you table looked fabulous.
    I am not surprised you are tired after your busy few days.
    Take care, hugs Sue xx

  6. Glad to hear the craft fair went well and good luck with the next one-your stall looked fabulous
    Carol x

  7. hi Alison, so glad your craft fair went well, your table looks lovely with all your goodies to sell.

  8. Your table looks lovely Alison, very professional, I'm pleased you did well.
    I hope you have a lovely weekend.

  9. Your table looks really good and seems to have gone well. Hope you enjoyed your auction and picked up some nice goodies! Hope you get better health this week, enjoy your weekend.
    Margaret x


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