Friday, 25 July 2014

A Quick Post for Jane

Hi all

I have been promising Jane a glimpse of my garden, now if you know me at all I am not in any way sense or form a gardener but I do like pretty plants and this year I decided I would at least give my garden a chance although it still needs a lot of work.  We need to put some liner down and redo the gravel as the weeds are terrible but that is a job for the Autumn when it is a bit cooler.

so here we go

put this little box around the bottom of the rotary washing line

This is the bank at the back of our property right hand side

Left hand side of the bank at the back of property

Left hand corner of garden at the back 

Right hand side of the garden at the back

Front under our bedroom window

Well Jane hope you like what we have done this year, next year I will use the seeds you sent me and will take more photo's.

I have a funeral to go to at 11.30 today a good friend of mine died of cancer and today is the day we say goodbye.  We are all wearing yellow as that was her favourite colour.  This afternoon I am off to see Sarah as I have made one seat cover for her settee and want to make sure it fits before making three more of them will take photo's for you to see.  

I finally have my new sewing machine and Alan has bought me an over-locker, shame I don't know how to use it but I am sure I will find something on YouTube.

I am off to get ready now have done a bit of commenting but not nearly enough but think I have caught up with most of your recent works ladies and gents and you are all so very talented.  

Love to all

Alison xx


  1. Lovely photos have a beautiful garden to sit in....have a good weekend....Joolsx

  2. Hi Alison, your garden is looking very pretty, I love the box round the washing line post. I love my garden too but I need hubby to build me some flower boxes at table height coz I can't bend but still want to plant my seeds and veggies next year. Had to take this year off tho :(
    I enjoyed seeing your photos xx

  3. It's looking really pretty Alison, I like a nice garden just no good at it, I certainly don't have green

  4. Hi Alison, it sounds like life is a bit hectic with you at the moment, your garden looks lovely. Mine is a mess at the moment - having a free range chicken really doesn't help!

  5. Hi Alison, sorry it's been so long since I visited, I don't know why you are not showing up on my reader's list! You are making a lovely job of your garden, love the box around the clothes line :o)
    Jackie xx


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