Friday, 6 November 2015

Its been too long

Afternoon all

sorry its been so long again since I blogged but things have been a bit hectic around the Jeatt household.  We decided to sort out our bedroom and redecorate and have a new carpet and those of you who followed my blog will remember we had a 17 drawer chest of drawers made which is very heavy and not easy to move so we had to remove the drawers to move it so we could paint and then well there was the wardrobes don't think we will be decorating again for a long time to come, we painted the bedroom magnolia and had a cream carpet fitted and all our accessories are teal the room is now very calming as it was so busy and dark before it was not very restful.

Bella our little Jack Russell has become a cowering lump of jelly over the last few nights with all the fireworks going off poor little love the vet has now given her some diazepam to help her so hopefully tonight will be a little better.

I have been in hospital again for an op on my foot to remove a bunion and pin two of my toes back into place so high on painkillers at the moment.

Alan recently bought me an embroidery machine from Create and Craft a Brother Innov is 90e and I love it have only used it twice to practice so as soon as I am able will have loads to show you.

Have a couple of craft fairs coming up and looking forward to them.   Sorry no shows for you today as I am on my new laptop and have not moved or saved any pictures on it yet will get round to it when I can walk a little better.

Hope everyone is well and I will be popping along to see your wonderful makes and leaving a few comments will pop back hopefully over the next few days.

Love to all



  1. Well hello stranger,so good to see you back blogging...sorry to here of your troubles. Can't wait to see what you have been up

  2. Great to see you back Alison and hope you feel better soon-your bedroom sounds beautiful we have just had ours completely replastered to have the decorating to look forward too --not !!!One of our cats has spent the last couple of nights hiding in the gas cupboard and the other one is just chilled -looking forward to seeing your pics
    Carol x

  3. Hello Alison...Glad to see you back posting....hope your poor foot gets better soon....My three pussy cats go off and hide with all these fireworks going off....seems to go on for days...poor loves...Joolsx

  4. Hi there my friend, not heard or seen you for ages. I have a new blog due to google + butting it's nose in so maybe you will need to re follow me again, oh and join in my candy.xx
     { aNNie}


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