Thursday, 21 April 2016

A late posting for me today

Its been a funny old day really the weather although not raining was a bit dull and the wind has been awful.   I did not get out of bed until around 9am this morning and that was only because the postman delivered my stuff that I ordered from Ikea some more storage boxes (for all those stamps I found) I then had to take them into the craft room and sort them out with what I wanted in them and where to put them so that took me until around 10am.

The bed needed changing so sorted that out, hoovered through, went with a friend to the garden centre and onto Lidl, then came home sat had some lunch and fell asleep for an hour was going to do some crafting but the time got away with me so have not made anything today but I did make this yesterday

Microwave Bowl Holder

You place the bowl with holder into the microwave and this stops you burning your fingers/hands getting any hot stuff out of the microwave

Inside with bowl

Inside without bowl

Outside with Bowl

Outside without bowl

I am going to be selling these at the Fair in the Square but am not sure how much to charge for them anyone any ideas.  Please

Anyway I have caught up so far with your lovely blogs and am off to cook the dinner.  Chicken Curry tonight.   I hope you are all keeping well and will catch up with you again tomorrow.

Love Alison xx


  1. These bowl holders will be bestsellers for sure Alison...every home should have pretty and I expect they would keep your soup, or pudding warm too!!

  2. Fabulous idea hope you sell lots of them Ginny x
    My Blog As I do Rodos

  3. These are a brilliant idea and bet you sell loads
    Carol x

  4. A super idea Alison, I'm sure these will sell well.

  5. What a brilliant idea will sell them well....Joolsx

  6. What a brilliant idea will sell them well....Joolsx

  7. This looks great! A wonderful idea & very useful!
    As far as price goes, I'd take into account how much it cost to make & how much effort it took
    then decide on your price from there!
    Dawn xx
    PS this might be helpful!


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