Saturday, 16 April 2016

Craft Room Finished Give Away - Very Picture Heavy

Evening all

Lovely and sunny here today although a bit chilly.  I have had a lovely day Sarah came over for a visit and we watched a film together as Alan is on back shift so some nice girly time.

Does anyone know how I add a link so that people can leave their names at the bottom of my previous post so that they able to enter my candy giveaway  HELP  please.

Before I show you my new improved craft room I thought I would share my two makes with you

OK so here is the craft room starting with the :-

Outside of door these are my embroidery threads and below this is an ikea spice rack to store bits and bobs

Inside of door holding my hougie board and others

The next photo is the bottom shelf behind the door which also holds my Scan n Cut

The next photo is the shelf above which goes along straight to the desk and has my Clever Cuts Die Drawers on it these are magnetic sheets A4 and hold a lot of dies but I still need more storage for them.

Carrying on with the same shelf my pencils

Same shelf still 

Again my 12 x 12 paper/card storage from clever cuts

Third Shelf behind door 
This stores all my spray glues, stamps and card/paper

Forth Shelf behind door
This shelf stores magazines, computer papers, 8 x 8 papers etc 

Corner behind door

Middle of shelf

Corner near window

then moving along to the desk I have a shelf with all my DVD's on it for easy access

Then in the corner I have books and diary etc 
and a storage unit which holds glues, pens, scissors and tools etc etc 

then above this I have a small corner shelf and two other shelves which go the whole length of the wall

Again making use of an Ikea spice rack

Now for the last part under the desk storage

Ikea Alex set of Drawers 

Storage that I bought at Exeter many years ago 

Printer Trolley which is on casters for pulling out when needed

drawer under main desk that houses the computer

Well that's about it if you managed to check all the photo's out you are a hero.

Am off to get my dinner and will be back later to check your lovely blogs out.

Alison xx


  1. Sweet cards Alison and what a tidy craft room!! xx

    1. It won't stay that way for long Sarah it is only because we were putting it all back together that it is tidy lol xx

  2. Two gorgeous cards Alison..the images are so sweet..I love the wee boy and his dog..your craft room looks so organised and with great storage..I have too many windows and have to cover some of them up as my craftroom is my dinning room.I'm well thank you and on holiday for a couple of weeks..just staying at home and doing as little as you are well too..

    Luv CHRISSYxx

  3. You should ask Annie about the giveaway link as she often does one
    love the craft room and all that stash!!!love the storage unit for glues and scissors--almost forgot to say I love the two cards too
    Carol x

  4. Gorgeous card and a brilliant craft room Ginny x
    My Blog As I do Rodos

  5. Lovely cards Alison....My....great lot of storage you got....I have to put a photo/s of mine when Ive had a good tidy up! Joolsx

  6. Lovely cards Alison....My....great lot of storage you got....I have to put a photo/s of mine when Ive had a good tidy up! Joolsx

  7. Oooo lovely cards hun and what a lovely organised new craft room too, Luv Sam x

  8. Gorgeous cards Alison and great craft room, fab lot of storage!
    Wendy xx

  9. Looks amazing Alison! I spy some of my favourite paper/card from Lidl in there too!
    Dawn xx

  10. wonderful cards!
    and your room is amazing!
    love it!
    Bad Kitty's Craftroom


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