Thursday, 5 May 2016

How Long Does it take you

Afternoon All

Does anybody find it a chore these days to prove that you are not a robot and have  been trying to comment since around 14.30 today and have only just finished its 16.57.

I am out at a meeting this evening around 19.30 so need to get the dinner ready shortly, am doing lamb roast with lovely mint sauce.

My main computer is playing up something terrible so am typing this on the laptop but will have to go to the big computer to put any images of cards I want on my blog as nothing is stored on my laptop as yet as its fairly new.

The weather has been gorgeous the last couple of day so Bella and I walked to the village today to register our vote so had a lovely walk.

Enough moaning and groaning here is a card I made a couple of days ago and forgot to post it not sure why probably with all the fair in the square stuff going on I missed it.

Well that's about it from me today.  Best go and start the dinner.  

Love to all

Alison xx


  1. Hi Alison...Cute card....sweet bunny image.....Im the same as you ref the robots me mad...Joolsx

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  3. This is so cute Alison, love it. My computer is playing up big time too at the moment, most frustrating! Carol x

  4. Beautiful project, stunning creation and gorgeous colours...xx  {aNNie}

  5. Alison! This is delightful! Such a darling image and beautiful coloring! So sweet! Alison, 99% of the time you can now skip the "prove you are not a robot" thing. Once you are logged into Google, it recognizes you. Occasionally you might have to check the box, but 99% of the time you can skip it. If you are afraid of losing your comment, trying visiting a blog, type your comment (then copy it so you don't lose it). Then click on publish without doing the robot thingy.

    It will probably go thru or say, "Comment Moderation has been enabled". That's really not needed anymore with the changes Google made.

    If something happens and you lose the comment and it wants you to do the robot thing, you can PASTE your copied comment into the box and go thru the format. But I think you'll find it is unnecessary. Let me know how it goes for you! If I'm wrong, I'd like to know LOL because I don't want to be giving anyone bad info.

    Hope your week-end is a great one - wish I could have enjoyed your roast lamb. I've only had lamb chops 3 times in my entire life and LOVED them. Lamb is very expensive in the US. I've never tasted mint sauce! What a deprived life I have lived LOL


  6. A super card Alison, such an adorable image.
    I find the robot thing only appears when I do lots of commenting in one go, like Donna said you can usually just ignore it.

  7. cute card and love the big flower-the robot thing is a pain but just lately I have been able to ignore it
    Carol x

  8. Absolutely adorable, Alison! I completely ignore the robot thing these days since it's now an option on Blogger (Blogspot) and most other link up programs. I simply refuse to waste the amount of time it takes to click on "I'm not a robot" every single comment. :-D

  9. Very sweet & pretty ALison!
    I take ages commenting too!
    Dawn xx


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