Tutorial on box easel card

Start off with a piece of strong card measuring 11 inches by 7 inches 

Score this piece landscape at 5 inches and 6 inches 

Turn to portrait and score at 1 inch and 6 inches
burnish all score lines and cut the tabs

Put together using tacky tape or wet glue
until it looks like this

For the drawer you will need a piece of card, just a smidge before the 7 inch square
What I mean by a smidge is the mark just before the 7 inch mark

Score at 1 inch on all four sides
Burnish all score lines and cut the tabs
then just stick together. 
At this stage you an add a brad for the drawer handle
To make the Easel card just cut a piece of card 10 inches by 5 inches and score landscape at 5 inches.  to make the easel just open up the card and score landscape at 2.5 inches and fold 
 Cut another piece of card 5 inch square and attach to the easel part

Attach the easel card to the top of your box/drawer and decorate as you wish

To make a box to put your drawer box card in
cut one piece of card 8.5 inch square and another one slightly smaller than 8.5 inch square
Score both bits of card at 1.5 inches on all sides, burnish and cut the tabs and stick.
Your base and lid should fit perfectly as the base will be just a smidge smaller than the top.


  1. Brilliant idea and tutorial lwould you mind if i copied your idea not to the letter of course lol x


Thank you for you for leaving a message for me I really appreciate your taking time out to take a look and comment. Alison x