Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Had a lovely day

Hi All

Hope you are all well and enjoying the holiday, Alan is still off work and as I am getting back into my soap making I placed an order with The Soap Kitchen and instead of having it posted out to me we collected it.  Martin and Kate at the Soap Kitchen were brilliant and really helpful.  We then went to the Asda in Clovelly, Devon as they sell the Pomace Olive Oil that I use in my soap, its the only Asda I know of that sells this particular type of olive oil unless I travel all the way to Bristol and I don't fancy that.

On the way home we stopped for a pub lunch and arrived home around 3.30 just in time to say goodbye to Sarah who is travelling to London to spend the New Year with friends, she will be home on Thursday.

My new website is coming along although not actually put any products on it yet will be doing that once I have sorted my new packaging out for my soap as I want to box it rather than wrapping so will be playing tomorrow with sorting that out as well as making some Honey and Oats Soap, made some Rose Geranium yesterday now it has to cure for around 4-6 weeks the longer you leave it the better the soap is.  I also make some pillar candles and perfumed them with White Musk, now just need to make some more container candles as I sold out of those over the Christmas period.

I am highlighting today a project I started on before Christmas but have only just finished it over 100 flowers on this ball but it's so pretty am going to make smaller ones for weddings along with getting some wedding stationery set up for my new web site.

I have bought some fat squares to make a makeup bag and when the shops in Tavistock are open again am going to get some more material to make myself a sewing machine cover as the one that came with my sewing machine has split as it was made of thin plastic.    Loads of ideas swimming around in my head, I would love to set myself up in business running a soap/candle making workshop and also showing people how to make talc, bath bombs and body lotion, but know this is not going to happen because of my health problems as I could not guarantee that I would be fit enough on any given day so I can dream.

Am off to do a bit of blog hopping now 

Happy New Year to Everybody

See you in 2014

Love Alison 

Monday, 30 December 2013

Nearly New Year

Hi All

Hope you all had a good Christmas and are looking forward to the New Year, we are having a quiet one as usual, don't really celebrate now, just have a glass of wine really.  Not sure what Sarah is doing she may be going to London to be with friends or may contact a couple here in Plymouth and go and stay with them.

We had a lovely day on boxing day we went over to Nicole and Dean's where she put on a lovely spread and met Dean's family and got an order for a personalised candle whilst there which was good.
Had lots of lovely presents for Christmas, earrings, kindle fire, new sewing box which has put me in the mood to do a little sewing project, also a voucher for Hobbycraft already spent lol, slippers, bailey's fudge, etc etc, spoilt rotten.

I have not made a card but wanted to show you a little decoupatch cat I have made really enjoyed doing this:

and here is Toby all tired out after his Christmas Lunch lol 

Not quite sure what he was up to here 

I have started making some soap again I have run out and as it takes 6 weeks to cure thought I had better get a move on and get some made the concoction I have brewed this time is Avocado, Fennel and Marjoram which smells gorgeous.  I will be making some Lemon and Orange tomorrow and then on Wednesday will make some Grapefruit, then Lavender, then Bergamot and Patchouli, will also make some Rose Geranium and Honey and Oats hope I have enough of the oils I use.  i.e. Coconut, Palm and Olive Oil otherwise a trip to the Soap Kitchen will be called for.

I have also decided to try and set up a web page to sell my wares not sure yet if I will be able to afford this every month but shall wait and see hopefully the thing should pay for itself.  I am about a quarter of the way through setting it up but now need some help which I will sort out tomorrow hopefully.  

Anyway am off to bed just now its around 12.30 am, and I am shattered. 

Love to all

Alison xx

Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas to all my blogging buddies 

Hope you all have a great holiday

I will finish catching up with you all later

But wanted to wish you all

Merry Christmas
Happy New Year

Lots of love 

Alison & Family 

Monday, 23 December 2013

Sorry being AWOL

Morning Everybody

Sorry about being AWOL for the last couple of days but my migraine got the better of me so stayed away from computer and bright lights.  Feeling much better now just tired, as Sarah and I had the brainwave of doing the shopping for Christmas food plus my usual monthly shop at midnight last night am shattered now, we left home at around 12.15am and got back at 2.15am, poor old Sarah has work today.  I still have a few bits to get but they can wait until later today.

As I was waiting for the shop to open last night decided I would make Nicole's altered bag and two Gift Card Holders which turned out quite well, here they are:

Nicole and Dean's Christmas Bag of Goodies

Made two of these gift card holders
one in gold and one in blue for Jessica and Nicole 

I have quite a bit to do today as I need to get the meat we bought last night into the freezer but stupid me did not buy freezer bags so these are on my list, need to tidy up and strip our bed as I have been lying in it for a couple of days trying to get rid of my headache.  Alan and Sarah will make the bed when they get home tonight as that winter quilt is just too heavy for me to manage. 

I then have to go to the wool shop and buy another ball of wool to finish Jessica's scarf off that I started knitting on Friday and sort out dinner for tonight am thinking shepherds pie which is easy to make and quite filling for my workers when they get home.  

Well am off to do my jobs will be back to try and catch up on everybody when I have finished all my jobs.  Take care.  

Love Alison xxx

Saturday, 21 December 2013

Morning all

Hello everybody

Can anyone help my blog is jumping up and down not by much but makes me feel a bit sick when I am trying to do things does anyone know why it does this?

Had a bad night, headache with sickness obviously the start of a migraine don't get them very often but have been eating a lot of chocolate over the past couple of days so must desist.

Alan and Sarah have gone into town to get presents both of them leave things until the last minute, I started on a quick scarf for our granddaughter Jessica yesterday but did not buy enough wool so will have to go back and get another ball but my hands and fingers are really sore today, arthritis is not good for knitting.

Took the car down to the garage yesterday insurance is going to pay for the damage but I have to pay my excess which is £75.00 the damage is around £900.00 worth wow didn't think I had hit the wall that hard.   So it is booked in for the 9th January, also need to go and get it serviced will ring up about that on Monday and book it in for after Christmas now.

Thought I would show you another card I made from when I first started crafting as only DT cards are being made at the moment as I have rather a large amount of cards that need selling before I can make any more as I have nowhere to store them.

Again this image came from a CD which now I have looked can't find so must have given it away the card is gold embossed and card layered onto miri card.

Must go now need to finish sorting the house out before my shower and get down to the shop before the paracetamol painkillers wear off as I will not be able to drive once I have taken my migraine tablets.

Will be by a bit later on to do a spot of blog hopping. 
 Love to All.  

Alison xx

Friday, 20 December 2013

New Challenge #59 at Friday Sketch Challenge Blog

Morning All

I had a lovely lunch out with the coffee stop gang yesterday apart from one thing I reversed my car into a wall which the sensors on the car did not register as on the top of the wall they had some paving stones as a decorative edge which stuck out a good six to eight inches at an angle, and that is what I banged into as the sensors on the car thought that I had more room because it didn't pick up on the decorative edging very hard to explain but I think it may have happened to someone else as some of these edges were removed further along the wall. Spoke to my insurance people yesterday so just waiting for the garage they recommended to call me to arrange to have the car fixed.

On a good note my new dishwasher arrived yesterday and Alan plumbed it in last night, just need to get dishwasher salt and we are sorted, my old dishwasher did not need salt, but Alan says its best to use it as it keeps the scale down.

On to my DT Post now:

Today we have a new challenge and our sponsor today is: All that Scraps

And the prize for the lucky winner is:

The theme is: An image of your choice

and we even have a sketch for you to follow below and was created by the lovely Christine

and here is my take on the sketch, made this card for our eldest daughter Pauline and her hubby hope they can take the joke

I made this using the Wrinklies Christmas CD and the poinsettia is one I bought a couple of years ago which I found when I was sorting my craft room out.

Why not pop over to Friday Sketch Challenge Blog and see the wonderful creations by the rest of the DT they are such talented ladies.

Love Alison xx

Thursday, 19 December 2013

Just a quick one

Morning all

Yes it is still morning although I had to check.  New Dishwasher has arrived yippee, Alan will plumb it in tonight when he gets home from work, no more washing dishes thank the lord.

Am off out shortly for my Christmas Lunch with the gang from the Coffee Stop should be good fun.  Have straightened my hair but as its started raining that was a waste of time. lol.

Not much happening at the moment have been doing a bit of blog hopping you are a very talented lot.

I made the card below ages ago but as I have no cards made up except for my DT Spot ones and not able to showcase them yet thought I would show you a card that I made when I first started crafting this is from a CD can't remember which one will have to dig it out and try and make some cards up with the images.  I know I bought it from Create and Craft many many moons ago. lol.

Well must start getting ready picking a friend up at 12.00 noon and although my make-up is on and my hair straight need to get my clothes sorted am dressed in rags at the moment and it takes me ages as I need to try and get some socks on to go with my boots which also take me ages as I can't bend and my knees won't go in certain positions the joys of nearing old age. lol.

Love to all
will be back later to continue to blog hop.
Alison xxx

Wednesday, 18 December 2013


Hi Everybody

Hope you are all well, hugs to those who are not!

I hope this will be the last of my Christmas Cards as time is now running out for posting.  Sarah asked me to make this card for her friend who lives in London, as they will not be seeing each other this Christmas.  I used the  Makey Bakey Mice CD and created a simple easel card.

I have a fairly busy day ahead of me, need to put the washing/ironing away, then it's my Coffee Morning at 10.30 we are having mince pies and a raffle today, after this I need to go to Ivybridge to the post office as I have loads more post to send off, then it's the dreaded Tesco run because I need petrol for tomorrow (Christmas Lunch) at Boringdon Park Golf Club, and then need to take the car through the car wash as it is filthy.

A short rest before getting the dinner organised and then a blog hop to see all your wonderful creations.

Bye for now

Alison xxx

Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Santa is coming early

Morning All

Well Alan and I went to look at the dishwasher that was on offer for £5.00 and decided not to buy it as cheap as it was, Alan gave it a good check over and thought it had been in the ladies garage for more than the few months she was telling us it had, the inside was disgusting so we came away a bit disappointed.  When we got home had a serious discussion and decided to buy a new one as all this dish washing has flared up my eczema on my hands,  so hopefully it will be delivered on Thursday this week.

I made a couple of cards yesterday using Christmas Makey Bakey Mice from Crafters Companion love these sweet images wanted to keep them fairly simple as I will need to send them out in the post so didn't want to make them too heavy.

So without further ado

Have quite a bit to do today, need to sort out all my posts for my DT spots as I am going to schedule them over the Christmas period, also need to go to the vets to pick up some flea stuff for Bella as she couldn't have it last week when she was so poorly but she is so much better now thank goodness.   I must also tidy my crafting area up it is just full of bits and bobs that need to be put away.  Also inserts for cards need to be completed.

Well that's it for now my lovelies will be back later to do a blog hop to see all your wonderful work.

Love Alison xxx

Monday, 16 December 2013

Gone to heaven

Morning all

My dishwasher has gone to dishwasher heaven, Alan pulled it apart whilst I was at Rachel's yesterday afternoon and the prognosis was terminal illness never to be used again.  So I had to wash all the Sunday dishes by hand not impressed.    I put out on the web site that I belong to asking if anyone had one for sale and we are picking one up this afternoon for a whole £5.00 yes that's right £5.00 even if it lasts until after Christmas it will be a bonus just can't afford a new one this month.

I managed to get three of my DT cards sorted whilst at Rachel's yesterday which was good going, finished them off at home last night but obviously unable to show you just yet ahhh the suspense.  I had a great time and I hope Rachel did too.

I have another project I have been working on to show you today

Sorry about the picture does not do this little chest justice, wanted to keep it fairly simple and used some red paper with little white dots on it added some perfect pearls a pink and white rose and a ribbon with a flat backed pearl added.    Inside is painted red to match the outside.  Not sure what I am going to do with this but will make a pretty keepsake box.

Well am off just now will be back later today with a bit of blog hopping to see your wonderful creations.

Love Alison xx

Sunday, 15 December 2013

Sunday and I'm off crafting with Rachel today yippeee

Hi All

I am going to schedule this post to see if I can get my blog sorted out, its being very temperamental at the moment, very slow, saying I have no blog friends and lots of other weird and wonderful things.

Well my craft fair went reasonably well apart from lots of screaming kids (I don't do kids) I managed to make around £36.00 but after paid for the table £10.00 came home with £26.00 still better than the last school table top fair that I did where I made a loss. 

As with one thing and another Rachel and I have not been able to get together for a couple of weeks now and I have really missed our play time.  So this weekend we swapped the Saturday for the Sunday so am going to have some play time yeah!

I have some DT work that I need to concentrate on so will probably make a start tomorrow as I want to get as much done in advance as I can and can really get into these now that I have all the Christmas Fairs out of the way. 

Above is another project I have been working on and inside these lovely crackers I have put three Ferrero Rocher Chocolates there are 8 here and I need to make 17 more to take with us to our granddaughters for boxing day. 

We have put the decorations and tree up today also need to send out some more Christmas Cards said I was not going to send any this year but now we have been sent more better reciprocate.

Anyway need to go and finish a few things off before going into the shower before going to Rachel's. 

Love Alison

Saturday, 14 December 2013

Morning all

Good Morning everybody

How are you all today?  I am getting ready for my craft fair this afternoon, more or less ready now just need to make a few more of these

This is another project I have been working on 12 bits of card 1 inch thick about 6 inches long then put together with brads and a bit of silver thread.
My blog is playing up at the moment so not sure if this will post correctly we can live in hope.
Will be back tonight and will do a bit more blog hopping then.
Love Alison

Friday, 13 December 2013

Just a quick one

Afternoon everybody

Just to let you know I am being showcased on the following blog Open Minded Crafting Fun Blog
which I am now a DT member why not pop along and become a member and follow the wonderful creations that are due to start soon.

Love Alison xx

Morning from a rainy Dartmoor

Morning Everybody

Very dark here today and it's raining, I suppose we can't complain as I can't remember the last time it rained.  Bella is slightly improved but still not herself, but at least she has started to eat again which is good news. 

I was asked to make a Christmas card for our local bowling club by one of my coffee stop friends, well this just stumped me could not think of anything until I remembered my Wrinklies CD from La Pashe so here is what I came up with

I still have on-going projects to show you but I have not finished them yet so will probably try and post another project tomorrow now.   I need to finish everything off really as I am doing a craft fair tomorrow but I keep getting side tracked and starting new project without finishing the others but today I am going to get settled and sort everything out.
Will be back blog hopping later to see you wonderful creations
Love Alison xx

Thursday, 12 December 2013

Kusudama Origami Paper Flower

Morning all

In my post yesterday I said I would show you one of the projects I have been working on and at long last I can now reveal all. 

This took me hours to make 60 x 6x6 squares 5 individual petals on each flower 12 flowers in all.  I added some wink of stella to the edges of the flowers but it has given it a more distressed look than what I wanted, but so proud of myself for doing this as the Fibromyalgia confuses the brain and I just can't follow instructions properly at all, easily confused.

I had some scraps left over from cutting the paper down so I am now folding 60 4 x 4 squares to make a smaller flower.

Well am off to do a bit of sorting around the house, not much as Sarah and Alan keep the housework down through the week and I only have to potter but I do like things to be in their correct place and so I move things around lol, think I may have a bit of OCD where the house is concerned it must be tidy at all times.

I will be back later to do a bit of blog hopping and also need to get some cards sorted for the many DT spots I am on now.

Back later
Love to all
Alison xxx

Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Evening Everybody

Hi All

I have finally finished catching up with everyone, I did start last night but I actually fell asleep whilst blogging at the computer, my Fibromyalgia flared yesterday so lots of muscle pain and tiredness.  I have been running backwards and forwards to the vets most of last week and this week with Bella as she has been very poorly with upset stomach both ends.    Samples of blood and other yucky stuff have gone to the lab and we are now just waiting the results, she is on medication and seems slightly better tonight so fingers crossed.

To top things off my dishwasher has decided it does not want to play anymore, hopefully its something like the heating element which can be fixed, thank god I am married to an electrician, otherwise the cost just before Christmas does not bear thinking about.

I have been busy making candles and some other projects which I will share with you over the next few days as I finish them, and of course sorting out my DT cards/projects so that they will be ready on time so not ignoring you all.

Am off to make my Horlicks and taking my kindle to bed with me want to finish the story I am reading as I have just bought a book by my favourite Author which is Nora Roberts writing as J.D. Robb the In Death Series which I love I have all of these books in hardback and they are well loved and read.

Will sign off and say good night until tomorrow when I will post my first finished project that I have going.

Love to All Alison

# 67 Month Long Challenge over at Crafting for All Seasons

Morning all

Hope you are all keeping well and warm, I hate the winter, just want to hibernate.  Today is the start of a new challenge  #68 over at Crafting for all Seasons that is going to last the whole of December, the theme being Christmas, anything but a card and we have some wonderful sponsors so please come along and join in the fun. 

Our sponsors are the wonderful

Whoopsiedaisy - Prize is 2 sheets of images
Robyns Fetish - Prize 4 digital images
Rick St Dennis - Prize 3 digital images

The theme for our challenge is anything but a card and here is what I came up with

This is the front of the altered bag

Back of Altered Bag

The snowmen were coloured in with promarkers and glitter added all over the body and face to make him all sparkly.  Die around the edges is by doohicky and snowflakes are from a trip to Taunton cannot remember the name of the die think it is Joy's Crafts but not sure.

I really enjoyed making this as I don't often make anything other than cards, soap and candles but my granddaughter and her boyfriend will be getting this with their present inside will have to make another one for our youngest granddaughter but that won't take long.

So why not pop along and enjoy the challenge and to see the wonderful creations made by the rest of the Design Team and you never know if you take part, you may just be one of the lucky winners for these fantastic prizes, wish I could take part. lol. 

Am off to do a bit of blog hopping and will be by later to catch up with all your wonderful creations.

Love Alison xx

Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Morning everybody

Good Morning Everybody

Hope you are all ok.  I am more or less over the flu now still got a bunged up nose and a cough but apart from that all is well in the Jeatt household.   Alan spent the weekend putting my new blinds up throughout the house but oops I ordered the wrong size for the bedroom so am waiting for delivery, hope they arrive before Christmas but it was not guaranteed so will have to be patient and make sure the curtains are closed when I get dressed, don't think the world is quite ready to see me naked, it would probably cause an implosion and the end of the world as we know it lol. 

Well not really been card making except for my DT stuff which I am trying to get ahead of but I did make this card yesterday as I thought that as I had made a card specially for Nicole and Dean I should make one for Jessica too so here is my card

I am running a stall at the Rookies Christmas Fair on Saturday but have not got much stuff left after the Christmas Fair in Ivybridge, I have also just remembered I am supposed to go to Rachel's this weekend crafting but hopefully we can swap the Saturday for the Sunday will have to see, really need some crafty time out.
Sorry I did not do much blog hopping yesterday but will catch up with everyone today as I only have a couple of cards to catch up on now for my DT spots and some candles to make then all finished.  Sarah has taken my excess Christmas Cards to work with her so hopefully will not have them sitting around until next year.
Bye for now
Alison xx

Friday, 6 December 2013

It's Time for a New Challenge on Friday Sketch Challenge Blogspot

Morning Everybody, hope you are all keeping well and warm.  Over on Friday Sketch Challenge we are hosting another challenge for you and our sponsor for this fortnight is the fantastic


They are offering a price of 2 digital stamps for one lucky winner
and our sketch this week is by the lovely Carol and here it is below

and this is my take on todays sketch
So why not pop over and join in the fun and you never know you may just win.
Love Alison xxx

Thursday, 5 December 2013

Welcome and a Thank you

Afternoon Everybody

Firstly let me give a very warm welcome to my new followers thank you for your support, and secondly a Massive Big Thank You for all your get well wishes they have been really appreciated.  Today is the first day that I haven't felt like a dishrag honestly this man flu thing is awful no wonder the men are being taken of their feet lol.  Still have a very bad sore throat and headache but am starting to feel better.

I have to go out today and I don't want to but I have loads of stuff to go to the post office and some of it is urgent.  I have been doing a few jobs today i.e. filing, finishing off a few cards, writing cards out to post etc etc nothing really hectic.

My card today is one I thought I had posted a while ago but cannot find it on my blog so obviously my brain is going loopylou again today.  I made this card for my granddaughter and her boyfriend this is their first Christmas together in their new home.   Used my Serif Artist Programme to make this.

Well that's it for me for now need to get the post office will do a bit of blog hopping when I return.
Loads of love
Alison xxxx

Monday, 2 December 2013

Very poorly

Evening everyone, no projects today, am feeling very poorly definitely man flu  lol, ache all over, throat is so sore can't eat ( good for the diet) am drinking plenty of ice child water, tongue is swollen and so is my head  or at least that's how it feels.

Have slept most of the day away but have managed to do some blog hopping took ages as my iPad was not showing my blogging lists every now and again do would have to reboot the page.

Bella is keeping me company and is looking at me with big eyes full of love.  Hope everybody is well and sending hugs to those who are not.

Love Alison xxx

Sunday, 1 December 2013

Fantasy Stampers DT Challenge

Morning All

How are you today, the weather is a bit dismal here on Dartmoor today so glad the craft fair was yesterday and not today as the weather was cold but glorious here on Saturday.

As most of you know I have been invited to become part of the brand new Fantasy Stampers Design Team and until our launch in January the DT members are setting themselves sketch challenges and so here is our first sketch

and here is my take on it:
This card is commissioned by a friend whose son in law thinks he is lord of the manor and has everything he needs and thinks he is way above the rest of us mortals, he keeps a few sheep, horses, etc.: I thought this image very apt and the verse inside reads Antibiotics - Happy Birthday.  I do hope my friend Sheila likes it.
Alan is in the middle of putting up my new blinds in the bathroom and the kitchen it's going to be a pig of a job as they are very heavy as they are wooden, I also think they are slightly too large so he may have to cut them down a little width wise, oops my measurements were slightly out, and those who know me very well will know that I can't see a straight line and everything I cut or measure is always slightly out in some way lol.   Don't think I'll push it for getting the living room and bedroom one's done today that might be asking a bit too much. 
Am off to get a shower and dressed just now as we may need to go to B&Q for a new battery for Alan's drill.
Will be back later to do some blog hopping whilst keeping lots of tissues on hand for my dripping nose. 
Loads of love to all
Alison xx