Saturday, 19 April 2014

A very tired Alison

Jessica's 18th Birthday Party went well, she looked beautiful, but she got a bit upset when a couple of boys from school got a bit drunk and were throwing food around and generally making idiots of themselves until Daddy and Granddad sorted them out (in fact sent them home) after that things settled down and everybody had a good time, we left around 10.30 as we had to get up early to attend the craft show.


So pictures well here goes:

The Birthday Girl Jessica

The Birthday Girl with Big Sister Nicole

 Birthday Girls's Mummy (Pauline blonde hair)  and Aunty Sarah messing about

The Family

Me on far left, then Alan, Pauline our eldest in the middle and then the baby Sarah 
I have just realised how much weight I have put on since my knee op last year really need to diet now

The Sweet Table 

The Cake 

And now for the Craft Fair

Up at 5am left home around 6am got to Hatherleigh around 7.30 and was all ready for the grand opening at 9am, lovely day if not freezing as we were in the animal pens in the main hall no sunlight getting through and it was a wind tunnel but apart from that a really good day.

The Banner

Part 1 of Table 

Part 2 of Table

Part 3 of Table 

The Ladder with Candles 

The Whole Table 

Sarah Minding the Stall

Well that's it folks told you is was very picture heavy 
have caught up with all my blogging so am off to bed now
a very tired Alison 


Love Alison 


  1. Hi Alison, when I read about your daughters birthday party I just thought Oh for goodness sake! What on earth do young people think they are doing now-a-days (Am I as old as I sound?) how dare they go into someone's house and behave like that. I do hope it didn't spoil things for Jessica. Love all your photos, and your stand for the craft fair looked really elegant... I think that is important when you sell fine items. I understand what you mean about the cost of having a table at some fairs... I wanted to have one at Sandringham but the £100 plus I would have to fork out made it impossible.

  2. I am pleased the Jessica enjoyed her party, your photos are fabulous.
    I love the way you displayed your items at the craft fair and your banner looks wonderful. Glad you had a good day, hopefully you will get some rest tomorrow!
    hugs Sue xx

  3. love your family photos Alison.. looks like you all enjoyed yourselfs.
    hope you did well at your craft fair..

  4. Gorgeous family photos, glad Jessica enjoyed her party....the cake looks fab.
    So pleased the craft fair went well, it's looks fabulous Alison so well displayed and your banner is fantastic.
    Enjoy the rest of the Easter weekend.
    Hugs Wendy xx

  5. TFS your wonderful lovely family with me it's nice to 'meet' then though distance apart....lovely and your crafting goodies should sell, they are gorgeous.xx

  6. Thank you for sharing all your pictures with us Alison. She did indeed look beautiful and what a gorgeous cake! When our youngest turned 18 he didn't want a party because, he said " I've seen too many friends' parties ruined by drink" . He always had an old head on young shoulders, he's 20 now and still takes care of his mates when they are worse for wear!! Have a restful day xx

  7. Love your family photo's Alison

  8. stunning family pics pleased the party went well, once the idiots had been sent out.your craft tables look fantastic, so professional :D
    Happy Easter.

    xx coops xx

  9. Great photos Alison and your craft tables looked the ladder for the candles display and fantastic banner...hope it was a profitable day..enjoy your rest now.

    luv CHRISSYxx

  10. Lovely photos glad both events went well.

  11. Wonderful photographs Alison, the party looked like fun.
    Your table looks fabulous, very professional, I hope you managed to sell lots.

  12. love the photos and the birthday cake looks fabulous -your stall looks fantastic love the candle ladder and love the banner
    carol x

  13. Great photos...fab cake....your craft stall looks lovely with all your makes...hope you had a great day at both...Joolsx

  14. wow no wonder you are "tired" lol ... what a busy time you have had my dear ... the party looks great fun and the cake is amazing ... hope you did well with your craft fair ... and hope you have a super bank holiday monday ... thank you so much for visiting my blog and leaving such lovely messages about my darling mum xx happy crafting and love sandy xx

  15. Looks fantastic Alison! Glad you enjoyed the party!
    Dawn xx

  16. Hi Alison,
    what a fab craft stall you have! You have made so lovely crations and I also love your banner! Hope that day was a big busines for you!
    18, what an age! But it´s good some adults look after the "kits" ;-) What a pritty dress and the cake looks so very, very jummy!

  17. Hi Alison, just enjoyed looking at all the fab pictures of your craft stall. Wow, it looks very professional! Great products, hope you did well, you certainly deserve to with all those fantastic products. Love maddy x


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