Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Lovely Day Today

Welcome to my new follower Regina thank you for joining me on my crafty journey.

Had a lovely day yesterday, went shopping with Sarah got a new pair of sandals to fit me when my feet are not so swollen, then went to Hobby Craft bought some wicks to have in stock in case anyone ordered a candle which I might not have in my stock pile.  Came home to dinner already prepared and was told to sit and not move unless it was to go to the loo lol.  

So caught up on blogs on Sarah's laptop, then about 3pm made some Banana Soap, had dinner then about 7pm went out to join a group of women in the village who have formed a crafty group just to get away from the house and a chat really but I took knitting with me, one of the other women made a couple of cards, another did some sewing, one drawing and the other lady was making some wall art with a bit of driftwood her son had brought home really enjoyed myself.  

Up bright and early this morning, did housework, had shower, took Bella out, came back and made two candles and two cards and am now onto my third card for an order I had been given, she also wanted some soap but the one she wants will not be ready for six more weeks but she said she doesn't need it until September so that's ok.  

Anyway onto my crafty stuff 

Banana Soap smells really yummy 

Good old Bugaboo always comes in handy 

I just love Stella

As I am still in the process of making the third card will post that one tomorrow.  So am signing off just now and will catch up with all your lovely blogs this afternoon.  

Love Alison xx


  1. Wonderful creations love bananas Ginny x

  2. I bet that soup does smell delicious and I love your fun cards too.
    It sounds like you had a wonderful time yesterday, the craft group sounds fabulous.
    hugs Sue xx

  3. I can smell the
    Great cards ,love the wording.

  4. When I first read I thought you wrote Banana SOUP to scroll back and re read..oh! banana I get it.
    and love your cute fun cards Alison..fabulous sentiments..just dont eat the soap..

    luv CHRISSYxx

  5. Oh my goodness, what a very productive couple of days you have had, and i'm loving the idea of Banana soap too, fabby cards too, luv Sam x

  6. The soap looks lovely Alison & our cards are just lovely!
    You are a busy lady!
    Dawn xx

  7. hi Alison, you have been busy..I thought it said soup...LOL well your soap must be lovely,,love the cards, brill images.

  8. sounds like you enjoyed the craft evening and love both the cards -Bugaboo images are fantastic
    Carol x

  9. Cards are gorgeous and the soap does look scrummy yummy....can't wait to use mine here

  10. I do wish I could smell your banana soap Alison, it sounds like it smells lovely.
    Two fabulous cards, Stella always makes me laugh!


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