Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Brother Scan N Cut

Good Afternoon to all

Sorry for not blogging but I have been rather poorly and busy.  Firstly thank you for all your good wishes, I had positive results so no cancer of the bowel which was such a relief.  I have had the scan on my brain and although they found one they are not sure if its working or not still waiting for my next appointment with the specialist for the results.

I am not sure if any of my UK friends will be interested but I am selling my Brother Scan N Cut CM300 with lots of extra's for £300.00 + postage it comes with  Pens, Pen holder erasable pens spare blades plus deep cut blade, Deep blade holder,  4 mats 2 standard, 1 low tack, 1 scanning.  Dust cover and tools are with it as well. I am also selling with it my sure cuts a lot cd and a scan n cut project cd which is unopened.  The machine has only been used twice so if anyone interested please contact me.

We had friends staying with us so had to prepare for them which meant spending lots of money on Sarah's spare bedroom which needed new furniture and bedding as she only had an old bed in there which had a hole in it but it now looks lovely.

Carol I am sorry I have still not sent your goodies but with Alan retiring we are a bit short of money until they sort out his pension which seems to be taking forever and as soon as its sorted will send you your goodies.

Hope you are all keeping well and I promise I will start making again and sharing my makes with you.

Love to all


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