Saturday, 28 September 2013

What have I started

Welcome everyone especially my new members, thank you for popping by.  As you know I bought some under the desk storage at Westpoint, Exeter yesterday, having to rearrange my whole craft area with help from Alan, Toby and Bella, didn't know I had so much stuff ie an old zyron die cutting machine, a friskars shape boss never been out of box have put it in our local ads and will see what happens.

At least my space is a bit tidier now and poor Alan is shattered mind so am I.  Loads of stuff for charity, some for the boy next door who likes to make things so only the top shelves to sort now this will have to be done over time.

No cards today as just sorting stuff out, Sarah and Alan have done most of the work but I needed to tell them what went where etc.

right hand corner top of desk

Right hand corner under desk with new storage
 shelves with A4 boxes

Top middle of my desk 

Top right hand corner of my desk 
My new printer which I love cannot rave enough about it. next to this is my E-Bosser
and next to that is the computer where I am typing.  Not showing you the shelving
above the computer and behind the door as they still need sorting out but am too tired to do anything now except take some painkillers and leave Alan and Sarah to sort tea.

Will be doing a bit of blog hopping later. 

Bye for Now


  1. It looks so nice and tidy Alison not like mine lol
    Kevin xx

  2. What a tidy crating place...Do you want to

  3. Oh I am so envious everything has a place it looks fab xx

  4. WOW! You are super organised Alison, it looks fabulous.
    hugs Sue xx

  5. Your new storage looks great, it's good to have a sort out occasionally - even if it doesn't feel like it at the time!

  6. Great what you have done with your work space, looks fab. Pitty we can't leave it tidy like that all the time. Mine is huge too but once I have everything on it well seems the more space I have the more I put on the spare spaces...xxxx

  7. How spooky Alison as I brought the same unit at Westpoint yesterday,too good a bargain to miss. Have fun in your organised craftroom x

  8. Your craft room looks lovely. I must say I would love my own craft room. Instead I have to put everything away when finished because I do all my crafting in the living room.

    hugs sally x


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