Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Evening All

I am so sorry not to have been checking your blogs out over the last couple of days but have been busy sorting my soap out, I decided I would rebatch all my soap (had to grate it all into small bits) and use my new moulds so that all my soaps are all the same size, so far I have rebatched the following

Lavender & Patchouli
Honey and Oats
Rose Geranium
Marjoram, Fennel and Avocado
Orange and Lemon

Picture of my Honey & Oats below these little bars weigh in at 90g and I am selling them boxed for £3.00 think that should be ok, don't want to undersell myself nor do I wish to overprice my goodies

These just need to cure now for around 4-6 weeks 

Back to making my normal soap first no grating thank goodness my hands are quite sore.  

I have been asked to make three cards so I must get on with them, have just finished all my DT blogging so am off to look at all your wonderful creations just now.  Got my car back yesterday from the garage they have done a wonderful repair to my boot where I backed into a wall, only trouble is Sarah's car is in the garage so Alan is using mine and Sarah is using her Dad's so I am left without transport and as the bus is very few and far between from here to anywhere am staying home where its dry and warm.

Off to do some blog hopping now

Love Alison xx


  1. You have been busy they look brilliant Ginny x

  2. Don't worry Alison, you don't have to always comment your 'viewers' understand. I don't always get the time at once either...sounds like your soap making is doing well...good on you.xx

  3. OMG! You've been very busy - hope you have the car at the weekend so we can get together again. Your soaps all sound amazing & I know are definitely worth AT LEAST the £3.00 you're charging.

    Take care, love


  4. your soap sounds fantastic good luck with the sales
    Carol x

  5. Sounds like you've been rather busy Alison, I'm glad you got your soaps sorted.


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